Friday, December 24, 2010

HomeWorks at the Karachi International Book Fair, Expo Center, Karachi

The annual Karachi International Book Fair is currently being held at the Karachi Expo Center, from 24th December 2010 to 28th December 2010.

Our Home Education Group will be there this time, too, insha'Allah, as a first-time milestone perhaps in Pakistan's history of home education. We have given the name HomeWorks to our stall, which will be located at Stall No. 28 in Hall No.1.

Please spread the word about this endeavor among your contacts, especially those whom you know will surely be giving this book fair a visit this year.


  1. I have 1.7yrs old kid and already sick of education system before I even got married. I am not sure what am I expecting here as I haven't found a parent as yet who doesn't freak out at the idea of home-schooling in Pakistan (all of my friends did when I told them).
    Nevertheless, I'd like to get in touch with you guys and meet up with more parents who have tried this path and are happy, perhaps?

    If there is an email id I should reach to, let me know.

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  5. Ringo Kid, Assalamu Alaykum,

    Glad to know you are interested in homeschlg. It sure is a bold step to take, but one that is thoroughlyu rewarding, when u see your child learning naturally, and in in wonderful ways. My kids have never been to school, and i started homeschlg over 7 yrs ago. I suggest you read up on homeschlg websites n articles. Two good ones are and The good news is that the number of homeschooling families in Pakistan is growing , ma sha Allah.
    They have even launched their quarterly magazine called HOMEWORKS. It has revceived good feeback from readers. It is avaialable at these stores in Karachi: 1. Dawah Books, Khadda market; 2. AlMasood, Metro shopping centre, clifton; 3. Pak Medico. It is available at Darussalam, Islamabad. You may also contact this address for more details abt the publication:
    their upcoming website:
    This is the yahoo grpo for ppl interested in homeschlg in pakistan